Oracle Database SQL Expert Exam – 1z-047

Hi all,


Yesterday I took Oracle Database SQL Expert examination, and I passed it with 98%

success ratio. Now, I’m going to share my observations and some information about the exam.

–    First of all, the exam consists of 70 questions and the participants have 120


– As we can understand both from the examples in certification books and the

common example questions, the exam includes various types of questions. These are:

  •  Questions with only one option.
  • Questions in which the number of correct options is given (E.g. choose three, choose two).
  •  Questions in which the number of correct options is not given (Multiple choice, e.g. choose all that apply).

The most difficult types of questions are the multiple choice ones. One has to know every detail about the topic in order to find all the correct options.

– I’ve observed that the exam measures basic information rather than details. The question types I’ve come across the most are: Subquerry, Join Types, Regular

Expressions, DDL Statements, and Privileges (Grant, Revoke, System Privs, Object Privs). However, I can easily say that generally, there were questions about almost every topic.

You can access the exam syllabus from the link below.

In fact, this exam is just a beginner exam for developers. After passing this exam, one needs to pass 1z0-147 Program with PL/SQL, as well so as to acquire an Oracle PL/SQL Certified Associate certificate. And after this, success in the exam 1z0-146 Oracle 11g Advanced PL/SQL results in Oracle PL/SQL Certified Professional certificate. If you’d like to go through this transition, you can use the link below.

Is certification necessary? Or is it not? It’s a mostly debated issue, but like the majority, I also presume that only getting a certificate is not enough to make you an expert. What matters is the time you spend on it, and your performance. Below is an enlightening article about this subject.

Finally, resources I made use of are as follows:

I hope it’s been a helpful article in terms of awareness.


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