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Hi Everyone,


In this context, I will talk about new online platform that belongs to Oracle. I hope, it would be helpful documents for the Oracle Professionals.

Last Month, Oracle annouced the new online platform that name is LiveSQL. LiveSQL is a platform where we can run SQL and PL/SQL. No longer, we will not need to
any virtual machine or local Oracle installments to try something on Oracle Database thanks to LiveSQL platform.

I think LiveSQL is a very beneficial platform(which was developed using Oracle APEX) for Oracle Professionals . It has a lot features to writing SQL and PL/SQL codes.

For Example
– You can write SQL or PL/SQL code on every computer thanks to browser based infrastructure.
– It can log your session history.
– You can manage your schema objects using Schema pages. Schema pages are interactive and user friendly pages. It is very easy to use.
create schema object

– You can create schema objects using well designed wizards.


– You can access the community codes. This section is so beneficial and I think, it will be able to grows rapidly day by day.
community code

You need to Oracle Account to using LiveSQL platform. If you have not any Oracle Account, you will take it using this link.


Access Link for LiveSQL Platform.

Enjoy it.


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