Oracle Cloud Day 2015 Istanbul Reflections

Hi everyone,


Oracle Cloud Day 2015 Istanbul was held in Lutfu Kirdar Congress Center on 19’th November. Events connected between Oracle products and Oracle users and then it provided to be sharing environment among attendees as usual. Thanks to Oracle and all event sponsors for the organizing this valuable event.

TROUG as we, made plenty of techinal presentation in the hall that allocated for us.

First presentatiton was held by Zekeriya Beşiroğlu who is chairman of the TROUG. His presentation name was “Big Data and Big Picture.  This presentation showed that Where big data trends go to and What is the Big data technologies evolution. All audience listened carefully and they had point of view this topic after this presentation.

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I spoke to second place in the hall. My presentation name was “Oracle 12c SQL New Features”. I showed that the new features of Oracle SQL 12c using presentation. The hall was almost completly full during my session. This detail made me very happy. I hope this has been a helpful presentation for their awareness.

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Third session was held by Erkan Ülgey and  Özgür Umut Vurgun who are managing members of TROUG. Presentation name was . “Oracle Database Appliance ile Cloud Entegrasyonu”. This presentation was higly technical and so detailed. And also we had a point of view about  Oracle cloud investment thanks to this session.

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Next session held by Başar Gülcü from Turkcell. This presentation name was “Telco Big Data & Data Monetization”. He talked to one of the big data use case in the Telco industry. This session showed that big data studies in Turkey are increasing day by day and great number of large scale companies invest this area agressively.

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At the end of the last session in the hall held by Mehmet Eser and  Orhan Eripek who are managing members of TROUG. This presentation name was  “Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c”. This presentation targeted to especially DBA’s.  Presentation inclueded plenty of new features about Oracle Enterprise manager. Especially new mobile application support for the remote control was so interesting.

oe1 oe2 oe3











This year we have left behind very successful and beautiful event. I hope It has been very useful event for all participants. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this organization. I wish to be together again in another event.


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