Hi Everyone,
emrahmeteI graduated from Marmara University, Department of Computer Technology and Programming (Associate’s Degree).

I graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering (Bachelor’s Degree).

I interested in computers and information technology since high school. Curiosity and interest in programming, superimposed on the high school years to come since the time and I have interested in software developement as a professional since about five years.

Interests between the Oracle and Java technologies, NoSQL, BigData and Social Mining. Other than that I have been studies in the fields of Operating Systems and Architectures.

I interested in amateur photography and digital art. Moreover I do love swimming and playing football activities. Also I love writing my professional experience and sharing my blog in my spare time.

I have been working with Oracle Technologies more than five years. I shared my knowledge and experience about Oracle via my blog. Also I speak at Oracle events and I teach SQL-PL/SQL-DB Architecture and SQL Tuning to Oracle users(in Turkey) as a vounteer.

I work at Turkcell Technology Research and Developement as a Senior ETL Developer. We develope ETL based large scale enterprise projects  for our customers. I take resposiblities as a both developer and analyst in these projects.


I am an Oracle ACE.

I am an Oracle Certified SQL Expert ,

Oracle Database Developement Choice Awards 2015, SQL Category Winner ,

I moderate OracleTurk Yahoo Email Group. (Number of member this group :approximately 2100) ,

I am a Founding Member  and Board of Directors Member at TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group)(www.troug.org).




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